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Morton Castle

Morton Castle is built on a strong site by the side of a small loch which was dammed in the late 18th century. It consists of a ruined 15th century hall castle with an unusual triangular courtyard. It gives the appearance of a much larger castle than it actually is and is in a never bleak and isolated location.

History of Morton Castle

1100's ~ Dunegal, Lord Nithsdale builds himself a stronghold at Morton. It later passes to the Adairs.

1357 ~ The Treaty of Berwick secures the release of King David II requires the Scots to destroy thirteen castles in Nithsdale, including Morton Castle owned by Sir Thomas Randolph.

1459 ~ The lands in the hands of the Earls of March build themselves a new stone castle on the site. The Douglases acquire the lands and castle and are made Earls of Morton. (more in the History section)

Text by Fred Vincent