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MacLellans Castle

MacLellan's Castle is an impressive 16th century fortified Tower House situated in the middle of the town. Although now but a ruinous shell, there is enough remaining to clearly see that it was once a magnificent castle, displaying enormous wealth and importance of the MacLellan family who built it.

History of MacLellans Castle

1160 ~ The lordship of Galloway is divided between two brothers. Uchtred, the elder, holds the eastern part from his stronghold at Threave Island. The younger brother, Gilbert, holds sway over the west portion from his father's castle at Cruggleton. The proximity of the MacLellan's lands on the eastern part of Galloway influences their alllegiance to Uchtred.

1290 ~ Following years of erosion in lordship power in Galloway to the Scottish Crown, the lords of Galloway see the opportunity to reverse this upon the crowning of John Balliol as King of Scotland, being a descendant of the lords of Galloway. The MacLellans stand firmly behind Balliol's cause against the rival Robert the Bruce.

1298 ~ MacLellan of Bombie, accompanies William Wallace, when, after his defeat at Falkirk, he sails from Kirkcudbright for France, in order to gain the help of King Philip of France against King Edward I of England, their common enemy. (more in the History section)

There is parking on the main street within a short walk to the castle.

Text by Fred Vincent