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Greenknowe Castle

Greenknowe Tower is an excellent example of Scottish residential 'L' plan tower. The only entrance to the tower, leading from the courtyard has above the doorway the preserved decorative panel with the coats of arms of families Seaton and Edmonston, date "1581".

History of Greenknowe Castle

1018 ~ Greenknowe is granted to the Gordans by King Malcolm II

1408 ~ Through marriage of Lady Elizabeth Gordon to Sir Alexander Seton of Touch Greeknowe passes to the family Seatons of Touch.

1582 ~ A descendant of sir James and Lady Elizabeth - sir James Seaton of touch, build for himself a tower on a small grassy hill, surrounded by a marsh. (more in the History section)

The tower is situated just off the road and is easily accessable. Although the outer buildings and courtyard are little more than just fragmented foundation, the tower itself is in fabulous condition with plenty to explore, making it easy to imagine how it would have looked in its hey day.

Text by Fred Vincent