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Mingary Castle

Take the private track signposted Adrnamurchan Estate Mingary House, off the B8007 and park at the designated car park and follow the footpath to the Castle The grassy footpath follows a drystone wall on the right, and is bounded by a post and wire fence of the left. The footpath goes through rough grassland and can be very muddy - so be prepared! Pass through a metal gate and walk around the edge of the field to a second gate and skirt around the second field, heading towards the Castle.

History of Mingary Castle

1200's ~ Clan MacIans of Ardnamurchan build themselves a fortress designed to control the Strait of Mull and Loch Sunart, which are of strategic importance.

1493 ~ With the castle's now connection with Clan MacDonald Lord of the Isles, Mingary is twice conquered by King James IV. It is then used as a base for the king's army against the MacDonals.

1515 ~ Mingary is unsuccessfully besieged by an army of MacDonalds of Lochalsh. (more in the History section)

Castle today

It is not possible to gain access to the Castle, but you can examine the south curtain wall and the rock-cut ditch through the wire fencing. The rest of the castle can be best seen from the shingle beach by taking the path over a stile on the west side of field and following it down to the beach. The path descends fairly steeply, so take care not to slip on the wet rocky path. The shingle beach, allows you to really take in the splendour of Mingary Castle.

Text by Fred Vincent