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MacDuff Castle

MacDuff Castle is a very ruinous castle comprising the remains of a four-storey 14th-century tower, and a five-storey 16th-century tower.The two are connected by 16th-century gatehouse range, with 17th-century walls containing interesting gun loops. However the eastern tower was demolished by Fife County Council in 1967 after a child was injured falling from it. Today what has survived demolition, erosion by the sea and decay is in a very ruinous state but has been made safe enough to explore. The castle is supposedly haunted by a "Grey Lady", said to be a Mary Sibbald who was found guilty of theft and died in the castle as a result of her punishment.

History of MacDuff Castle

1040's ~ A timber castle is built by the MacDuff Earls of Fife.

1290's ~ Michael Wemyss, Earl of Fife, builds a stone courtyard castle named after his ancestors the MacDuff's, whose own origins date back to King Dub who ruled Alba.

1304 ~ King Edward I of England stays at the castle during his visit to speak with Earl Michael Wemyss. (more in the History section)

Access to the castle can be made from a car park and short walk across a field towards a high hedge which contains a gate, almost hidden, in the middle on the long line of hedges which takes you directly to the castle.

Text by Fred Vincent