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Lachlan Castle

Located on a small rocky peninsula on the shore of Loch Fyne is the fifteenth-century Castle Lachlan, which replaced and earlier thirteenth century castle.

History of Lachlan Castle

1292 ~ The Argyll lands of the 4th Chief Gillespie MacLachlan are confirmed by King Balliol

1309 ~ Gillespie MacLachlan is in attendance of the parliamentary session in St.Andrews for King John Balliol.

1314 ~ A charter confirms Lachlan as the main seat of Clan MacLachlan by Robert the Bruce for the clan's loyal support to his cause.

1602 ~ Members of the Clan MacLachlan, with clans MacGregors, MacEwens and MacNeills, under the command of Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll take part in attacking land belonging to the clan Colquhons, culminating in the Battle of Glen Fruin the following year, in clan MacGregors completely destroyed the Colquhons army. (more in History section)

Castle today

The castle is easily accessable following a lengthy but enjoyable walk which takes you pass the new eitheenth century Lachlan Castle, to the old ruin which holds many interesting features to explore. A really enjoyable ruin that you can fully explore by the side of a beautiful loch and surrounding Highland countryside.

Text by Fred Vincent