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Kildrummy Castle

Although now quite ruinous, Kildrummy Castle was once one of the largest and mightiest castles in all of Scotland. Today it is a very picturesque and atmospheric location rich in history.

History of Kildrummy Castle

1230's ~ Gilbert de Moray, Bishop of Caithness, builds an earth and timber castle at Kildrummy, in order to control a key northern road through Scotland.

1296 ~ King Edward I of England captures the castle.

1303 ~ King Edward returns to Kildrummy Castle.

1305 ~ Robert the Bruce, Earl of Carrick, is made custodian of Kildrummy Castle by King Edward, by right of the Earls wife, a daughter of the Earl of Mar. "place the Chastle de Kindromyn in the keeping of a person for whom he shall answer". (more in the History section)

The castle is well sign-posted as you would expect for a major castle, with plenty of parking just off the road, with a short walk to the castle itself.

Text by Fred Vincent