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Craigmillar Castle

Craigmillar Castle is one of Scotland's most perfectly preserved castles, situated in the outskirts of Edinburgh. It consists of a 14th century Tower House, surrounded by a 15th century curtain wall. Fine domestic buildings were built round the courtyard which still today demonstrate wealth and status.

History of Craigmillar Castle

1374 ~ Simon de Preston acquires the lands of Craigmillar from William de Capella, taking the title of 'of Gorton and Craigmillar'. He later builds a fortified tower house in order to secure his estates.

1479 ~ Simon III de Preston is implicated in the death of King James III younger brother, John Stewart, Earl of Mar. He had been tasked by the King to hold his popular brother, after having already locked up his other brother, Alexander, Duke of Albany, in Edinbugh Castle. Simon has John Stewart taken to a house in Canongate, and there whilst in his bath, has his throat cut.

1544 ~ King Henry VIII lands and English army at Leith to further his influence on the Scots to force the marriage of his son, Prince Edward, and the two year old Mary Queen of Scots. Craigmillar is besieged and captured. Sir Simon IV de Preston, Baron of Craigmillar is captured, albeit released soon after. (more in the History section)

The castle is well sign-posted with a car park provided close to teh castle with good access. A fabulous castle.

Text by Fred Vincnet