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Brochel Castle

Brochel Castle is impressively perched on a crag high above the eastern shore just below the northern tip of Raasay. The ruined remains appear almost twisted into the rock in its construction. This fortified three storey tower-house was built by the MacLeod clan in the 1510's and occupied until the late 17th century.

The Island of Raasay, together with its small surrounding islands, formed part of the possessions of the MacLeods of Lewis. Throughout the 14th and 15th centuries these islands became the refuge of thieves and pirates. At the turn of the 16th century, Calum MacLeod, the 9th Chief of Lewis bestowed the lands of Raasay on his younger son, Calum Garbh. Thereafter known as MacGillichaluim, Calum become the first Chief of Raasay MacLeods albeit 'the weakest and least powerful of all the island Lairds'.

Text by Fred Vincent: