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Bannachra Castle

Bannachra Castle is a 16th century three storey Tower House, built in a prominent position with commanding views.

History of Bannachra Castle

1512 ~ After purchasing the land from the Galbraiths, the Colquhouns build themselves a tower house on their newly acquired land.

1427 ~ Iain Colquhoun seizes Dumbarton Castle from the Earl of Lennox on behalf of King James II. He is awarded the positon of Sheriff of Dumbarton and the Governor of the castle.

1439 ~ Iain is killed at Inchmurrin by the Macleans of Duart Castle.

1478 ~ Iain's heir Sir Iain Conquhoun, controller of the Royal Household, is killed by canon fire at the siege of Dunbar Castle. (more in the History section)

Castle today

Today it can be found in the grounds of an old mansion, nestled between overgrown formal gardens and derelict tennis courts. A good example of a small ruined tower house that itself is now overgrown, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up with the history of the Colquhoun's who built and lived in the castle.

Text by Fred Vincent