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Scotland Castles

Shrouded in the clouds of mist and famous for legends about ghosts, Scottish strongholds are integral part of every trip across this unusual country. The huge Edinburgh Castle enjoys the biggest popularity among tourists. It was a seat of kings for a long time and it was believed to have been the «key to the country». However, the Stirling Castle is worth the same attention. Coronations of many Scottish monarchs took place behind its walls. The luxury Balmoral Castle, resembling rather a fabulous palace, will surely enchant every traveller visiting those lands with its beautiful gardens. However, it should be noted that this building is a residence of the Queen so tourists can admire the beauty of the castle only in specific months. The Inveraray Castle also deserves a title of one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland. It was rebuilt from ruins in the mid-18th century and since then it has been considered a wonderful European example of Neo-gothic style. Today, many Scottish strongholds has been transformed into luxury and comfortable hotels where you can feel like a real lord or a king. Inverlochy is believed to be one of the best castles-hotels of that type. It is a beautiful building from the Victorian era surrounded by picturesque landscapes of the Highlands region.