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2015 November
  • - We introduced rating the castles on our website. The first castle rates appeared on our website. Castles from Ukraine, Poland and Japan were rated.
2015 June
  • - The first film shot from a drone was made for our website, it presents Ljubljana Castle.
2015 May
  • - The late Tomasz Szwagrzak, who supervised the Polish version, passed away.
  • - Our Facebook profile in Polish exceeded 10,000 "likes".
  • - The website is visited by more than 3,000 "unique" users in May.
2015 April
  • - The first sponsored text appeared on our website – a text about Osaka Castle sponsored by Opal Travel, a travel agency.
  • - Our Facebook profile in Polish exceeded 5,000 "likes".
2015 February
  • - Jolanta Sroka joins the project as a supervisor of the Slovenian version of our website.
2015 January
  • - Melisande Aquilina decided to join the project and contribute to the Castles of Malta part and become a part of the copywriters team
2014 December
2014 October
  • - Neyla Terehova became a contributor to the Castles of Russian part
2014 September
  • - Finalization of the conquest "Slovak Castles" which was run together with language school - AhojSlovakia
  • - In September, the website was visited by 1,775 thousand "unique" users
2014 July
  • - We have virtual presentation of castle from Sri Lanca
  • - In July, the website was visited by 419 "unique" users
2014 June
  • - We have virtual presentation of castles from four countries - Czech Republic, Norway, Poland & Slovakia
  • - In June, the website was visited by  228 "unique" users
2014 April
  • - "Castles" company was established with the aim of raising funds for further development of the project
  • - Google and Blink browser engines recognized
  • - In April, the website was visited by 174 "unique" users from 28 countries
2014 March
  • - First 500 photos of castles published on the website
  • - First 14 virtual presentations placed on the website
  • - The trial version was visited by 91 "unique" users from 8 countrie
2014 February
  • - The project got its own domain
  • - Tomasz Szwagrzak decided to join the project and contribute to the Castles of Poland part
  • - The website logo was created
2013 November
  • - The idea of developing "Castles" project first appeared