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Castles and Fortress of Ukraine

Ukrainian culture and traditions have been noticeably influenced by several nations which settled in Ukraine or tried to conquer it in different periods. These very old buildings – castles which once belonged to Polish noblemen and Hungarian magnates; strongholds of Genoa residents, Turkish khans and Russian dukes – are a clear example of this influence. Out of several thousand medieval buildings in Ukraine, only a few hundred castles and palaces still survive today. Many of them hold a prominent place among the valuable architectural gems and historic buildings of this country. Beauty and impregnability are organically combined in the architecture of Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle – the best-known stronghold of Podolia rising high above the city, on the steep bank of the Smotrych River. The majestic Khotyn Fortress, with its walls towering over the rushing waters of the Dniester River for over nine centuries, is similarly popular among tourists. Carpathian Ruthenia is also famous for its castles: the medieval Chynadiyovo Castle, the romantic Schönborn Palace, or the invincible Palanok Castle in Mukacheve – and these are just a small part of the historic buildings which will delight visitors in Western Ukraine.