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Slovenia Castles

Since the Middle Ages both Slovenia and its inhabitants had been protected by various forts, castles and strongholds that even today have this erstwhile majestic appearance and genuine atmosphere. For a long time, visiting well-known Slovenian strongholds has been essential part of tourist programmes for every visitor who arrives in this wonderful region, since each of these buildings can astonish you with its unusual location and appearance. Predjama Castle is a majestic building constructed on the projection of a vertical rock directly above a cliff, its huge facade hides an entrance to a deep labyrinth of caves inhabited for many centuries by its hosts. One of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia is the medieval Bled Castle. It can charm every visitor with a beautiful view from the observation deck over a lake and the high peak of Triglav. Some of the ancient castles in Slovenia such as Grad Mokrice or Otočec Castle were carefully renovated by their current owners and turned into cosy family hotels as well as high standard hotels.