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Slovakia Castles

Fascinating and picturesque Slovakia is known not only for ski resorts and healing thermal springs but also for a great number of old castles, strongholds and palaces. The period of Hungarian rule left a clear mark on the architecture of Slovak castles. Mysterious Gothic castles with underground passages, severe and impregnable knights monasteries and lovely buildings in the Renaissance and Baroque style have survived in Slovakia. The presence of high mountains affected the location of Slovak castles that were often constructed on the top of rocks and hills. They include Orava Castle that is called "the Eyrie" due to its high location and Bojnice Castle with a legend about romantic love. The biggest and oldest castle in Slovakia is Spiš Castle, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. You cannot talk about the history of Slovakia without mentioning a remarkable castle in Bratislava that stands over the Danube like a white guard and symbolises the ancient past of this country.