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Polish Castles

Poland is equal to other European countries of the number of medieval castles and Renaissance palaces which can arise pure delight and interest. Poland inherited a huge number of these historic buildings located in every spot of the country after the Teutonic Knights, various spiritual-knight's orders, influential magnates, rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. A distinctive example of defensive architecture from the late Middle Ages is undoubtedly the Malbork Castle. Once the seat of the Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order, today it is known as the biggest European Gothic castle. Those who prefer slightly more subtle castles and park sites will surely appreciate the wonderful appearance of the Krasiczyn Castle that is justly believed to be one of the most beautiful Polish castles from the late Renaissance. The majestic architectural complex of the Royal Castle on Wawel, which is a must-see when visiting Cracow, is national pride and part of old Polish history.