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Italy Castles

Italy is a country that has more than a half of all European architectural, cultural and historical gems. Its amazing castles are the most important. Although they are old, Italian strongholds and palaces are still in great condition and have kept the memory of prominent figures who lived there once until today. The powerful Houses of Medici, Sforza or Borgia ordered to talented architects and sculptors, who created real works of art, to build magnificent residences. There will be no exaggeration in saying that every Italian stronghold has its unique characteristics. Some attract tourists' attention with their location like the famous Aragonese Castle located on a small island on the Gulf of Naples. Other castles are famous for their unusual design, for example, octagonal Castel del Monte, surrounded by octagonal towers. Many castles in big cities became museums protecting the country's rich cultural legacy, which are famous all over the world.