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Addanki Fort

Addanki is a town in Prakasam district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is divided into Addanki North (urban area) and Addanki South (urban area) with the mandal (local government) headquarters located at Addanki North in Ongole. Addanki is located on the bank of the Gundlakamma River. It is the town’s main drinking water supply. In the town and in its surroundings some of the oldest archaeological sites in Southern India are located, including one of the most ancient forts of the region named the Addanki Fort.

History of Addanki Fort

There is a story about the people of Ongole that explains the origin of their name. Around 8 km south-east of Ongole there is a village called Endluru. The social class of Kshatriyas had built there a fort for Endlur kings. The Ongole area offered good hunting grounds, especially near the Kothapatnam Beach. One day, when the kings of Endlur were hunting rabbits, they were surprised to see their prey standing against the predators who came to catch them. Impressed by the rabbits’ courage, the kings of Endlur decided to erect a fort there and build their own capital. In honour of the rabbits’ bravery, they named the city Vanganiprolu. They also built a fort there in the 1620s. Over time, Vanganiprolu became known as Ongole. (more in the History section)

The fort as we see it today

Today, the fort lies in ruins and is maintained as an excavation site by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Tourist Information

Addanki is well connected with all major cities and towns via road due to its geographical position between Guntur (70 km), Ongole (36 km), and Narasaraopet (50 km). It has better connectivity to Hyderabad via NH9 and thus saves the distance of 102 km on the Chennai - Nellore - Hyderabad route compared to the route via NH5. The nearest railway station to Addanki is Ongole Railway Station which is at 38.6 km distance. Whereas, Narasaraopet Railway Station is at 59 min journey from the town.

Text by Sammik C Basuu