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Castles in Germany

Germany is a country full of tourist attractions that are undoubtedly real gems for tourists arriving there to see wonderful architectural buildings of past periods. Majestic, wrapped in knightly romanticism, German castles shock visitors with their original interiors, reminding of fairy tales by the famous German writers, the Grimm brothers. Many German strongholds fully deserves to be in the group of the most beautiful buildings in the world. They include astonishing Neuschwanstein – fabulous, known as «a gem of the Alps»; the castle enjoys a particular attention. However, other German strongholds also deserve as much attention, including majestic Hohenzollern that nearly reaches clouds with its pointy towers, or Eltz – a castle that is a symbol of stability and belongs to members of one and the same noble family from many generations. Each of them has something characteristic, interesting in its way, and definitely deserves to be visited.