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Castle Hazlewood

One of the finest buildings in northern England – Hazlewood Castle - is located in the northern part of Yorkshire, half an hour’s drive from Leeds and York, surrounded by a beautiful park. Hazlewood fortress is renowned for brave knights and noble kings. It has witnessed many centuries of history of the Vavasour family, which inhabited these lands during the time of the conquest of England by the Normans. In the 20th century the castle went through a lot of changes, before it began a new life as a cosy hotel, ideal for weddings, family celebrations, unforgettable weekends or business meetings.

History of Hazlewood Castle

History of the castle dates back to the times of Norman conquests, when William I made significant changes in both political and social life of England in the late 1060s, forcibly replacing Anglo-Saxon landowners with his own countrymen. The area, on which Hazlewood Castle is located, was put in possession of Moshe le Vavasour who was a Norman vassal of baron William de Percy and accompanied William I the Conqueror during his expeditions. One of the king’s requirements for distribution of lands was construction of watchtowers, especially in the northern regions, from Lincoln to Lancashire. (more)

What can you see there?

As Hazlewood Castle is a hotel right now, it is impossible to explore it. Only its guests, who take part in various projects, can savour the old architecture of the interior. The castle often hosts artistic and culinary master-class events, musical evenings as well as topic celebrations devoted to Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and other holidays.

Those guests who value active recreations will find a number of interesting activities here. Powerful, but easy-to-use quads make even the beginners able to enjoy the tranquil ride along the forest paths. Archery or crossbow-archery may be appreciated by those who want to feel like Robin Hood and check their accuracy. Those who want to spend time outdoors will choose zorbing – inflatable ball protecting the body from head to toe, allowing to change any game in a fantastic fun. About the hotel

Castle hotel

Despite past centuries, Hazlewood Castle had lost none of its historical face and still looks like one of the most stunning buildings of North Yorkshire. You can enjoy your rest and delight in the atmosphere of a former medieval building at any time of the year by selecting one of its 32 rooms which are individually decorated and different in terms of their size.

Nine of them are located in the main building of the castle, whereas another twelve in the inner courtyard, in the room called “St. Margaret”. Eleven of them, which were established recently, are located not far from the castle library in the Fortress and a room called “St. Leonard”. There is also a restaurant in the most picturesque part of the castle’s inner courtyard where you can not only enjoy the taste of haute cuisine, but also open a bottle of wine originating in Vavasour vineyard.

Text by Nelya Terehova