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Denmark Castles

The history of constructing huge strongholds in Denmark is inextricably linked with the life of fearless Vikings, agile warriors and sailors who built so-called round strongholds in their land. Aggersborg, one of few renovated castles in Denmark, can introduce us to this distant period. The oldest Danish strongholds include: Hammershus Castle, today picturesque ruins located on the island of Bornholm, and huge Sønderborg, which despite numerous changes has not lost its majesty. The elegant and fragile Castle of Egeskov, which is one of the European «water» castles, undoubtedly deserves admiration. An array of royal residences enjoys great popularity among tourists: Rosenborg Castle situated nearby the wonderful Royal Gardens; romantic Frederiksberg reflecting itself in the surface of Lake Hillerød; and a gem of the Baroque, Fredensborg. Built by Eric of Pomerania at the beginning of the 15th century, Kronborg Castle became a legend in time as the tragic story of Danish prince Hamlet written by Shakespeare is linked with it.