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Croatia Castles

Famous for its beautiful coasts and transparent sea, Croatia can provide its visitors not only with a wonderful holiday on the beach but also a wide range of culture highlights for tourists. In various periods the Republic of Venice and the Republic of Dubrovnik, the Ottoman Empire as well as the Austrian and Hungarian Empire left numerous castles, strongholds and many other defensive buildings in Croatia, which reflect the strength of those powerful countries. Such Croatian strongholds include Lovrijenac Fort, built on an inaccessible rock to defend Dubrovnik against the Venetians, and the Castle of Veliki Tabor with a gloomy legend about beautiful Weronika Desinic murdered behind its walls. A fine combination of light neo-Gothic towers with dark medieval walls gives unusual charm to the Castle of Trakoscan, which enjoys great popularity among tourists and is one of the most frequently visited castles in Croatia. The oldest fortified building among Croatian castles is, according to law, Trsat Castle whose elements date from ancient times.