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Project ""

Our dream is to have „” as the most popular service presenting information about Castles all over the world.

Objective of the project is history and tourism promotion through presenting high quality materials related to castles, to make everyone who will be reading and watching photos, virtual presentations and films, break away from everyday life and transfer to the times of princesses and knights walking around their chambers and on the walls of majestic castles serves shall be your carry-on compendium of sound knowledge about castles. You will find here loads of monumental buildings from all the corners of the world and from every historical era – ancient forts, medieval castles, baroque palaces, Slavic gords, Mauretanian fortresses, exotic strongholds from the Far East or the New World. We presents not only castles but other building of defensive nature like churches, synagogues or monasteries. Every single piece of architecture is described in a clear, easy and attractive way – full of historical trivia, interesting facts about their construction, functions and historical events that these buildings were a part of, including interesting castle legends

Project started in 2013. Today we are proud of having few interesting services. First being Internet paged about castles – . Available in multiple language versions to make sure people would have access to content in their native languages. Second is game ( ) which is bringing us closer to castles, or maybe castles to us :-} We do have as well number of social profiles. Last but least is our mobile application available for mobiles with Android on them.

Dozens of people from many countries have participated in this project, it is difficult to list them all here. That is why we present the core of our team: This project is coordinated by its originator - Michał Nowakowski (Poland), the main authors of the texts are Neyla Terehova (Неля Терехова) (Ukraine), Kinga Kijewska (Poland) Melisande Aquilina (Mεlisaŋðε Möönsoŋg) (Malta), Ryotaro Sakamoto (坂本龍太朗) (Japan), Sammik C Basuu (শমীক বসু) (India) the author of illustrations is Agata Krzyżanowska (Poland), team (Ukraine) provides IT aspects.

It is worth to mention as well those who were contributing a lot for the evolution of the service like copywriters: Tomasz Szwagrzak (RIP) (Poland), Wojciech Zabielski (Poland), Csilla Egyed (Hungary), Maciej Węgrzyn (Poland) first drone movie author Aleš Bajc (Slovenia)

In order to be able to implement the project, "Castles" company was established. Its task is to ensure the project development, including collecting funds for its maintenance and further development.

Castles Michał Nowakowski
ul Wyrzykowskiego 1/90
03-142 Warsaw Poland
NIP PL727-235-81-85
Anyone who is interested in cooperation is warmly welcome to contact us.