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Laugharne Castle

Llaugharne Castle overlooks the peaceful waters of the Taf estuary. Probably best known for its association with Dylan Thomas. Once in the castle the grounds form a beautiful rose garden surrounded by elizabethian towers and walls. The views from the top of the castle out across the estuary is stunning.

History of Laugharne Castle

1116 - Robert de Courtemain builds an earth and timber ringwork and bailey castle.

1172 - King Henry II meets the powerful Welsh leader the Lord Rhys at Laugharne on return from Ireland. At this meeting the Lord Rhys agrees to acknowledge Henry as King, whilst in return the king appoints Rhys 'justice on his behalf', fully deserving the title he claimed for himself as 'rightful prince of South Wales'.

1189 - King Henry dies. The Lord Rhys takes swift and merciless action, taking Laugharne and other castles by force. (more in the History section)

Text by Fred Vincent