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Castle Alara

Alara Castle (Turkish: Alara Kalesi) is located 37 kilometres to the west of Alanya, 7 kilometres inland from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It was built during Byzantine times and was a western outpost of the Armenian Kingdom of Little Armenia (Cilicia).

Later, its task was to safeguard the caravans traversing these regions of Asia Minor. One of the caravanserais is, indeed, located in its vicinity.The castle is situated on a steep hill, near the Alara and it seems that formerly it was an impregnable fortress. In fact, in 1232 it got into the hands of the Seljuk Turks – its lord gave the fortress up learning that the city of Alanya was conquered by the Seljuk Sultan of Rum.

At present, the castle fell into disrepair and is covered with wild vegetation. It consists of an inner and outer parts, 120 steps lead into its interior.

Caravanserai Alara, built during the reign of Keykubad, has been now converted into a museum and a World Heritage site.

The Alara stream, near which the castle and caravanserai are situated, is a popular place to practice rafting. The famous waterfall, called “Flying Water”, is located near the village of Köprülü, but the rafting trips begin a few kilometres down the stream.


Unfortunately, there is no possibility to reach the place by public transport. Means of getting to the Alara Castle and caravanserai Alarahan on your own were described precisely by Jaś Wędrowniczek (Johnny the Walker) in his report.

An alternative is to rent a car or take part in an organized trip, purchased during the holiday in Alanya or Side. While rafting on the Alara River you can enjoy the view of the castle, but here is no possibility to climb on the fortress.

text: Izabela Miszczak - Turcja w Sandałach