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Baranów Sandomierski Castle History

The Castle was erected at the end of the 16th century in the place of a medieval fortified knightly manor. In the 15th century the Baranowski manor belonged to the noble Baranowski family. At the turn of the 16th century the Górków family from Greater Poland became the owner of Baranów. In 1569 Stanisław Górka sold the Baranowski property to Rafał Leszczyński. The current form of the Castle is an impressive testimony of the refined style of the wealthy Leszczyński family. Most likely it was designed by the Italian architect and sculptor Santi Gucci. Interiors of the Castle are decorated by Giovanni Battista Falconi and Tylman van Gameren. With its magnificent appearance the Castle is called the "Little Wawel" in reference to the Royal Wawel Castle in Kraków.

The Castle in Baranów Sandomierski many times changed its owners among which were Wiśniowiecki, Sanguszek, Lubomirski, Małachowski, Potocki and Krasicki families. In 1867 the Baranowski property was auctioned off to Feliks Dolański. Then Stanisław Dolański inherited the Castle which he determined to restore after its destruction in fire in 1898. Among many changes the most important was building the secession Chapel located in the ground floor. The Chapel was decorated with the impressive stained-glass windows by Józef Mehoffer and with the exceptional painting by Jacek Malczewski named "Immaculate Mother of God". The Castle remained in the hands of the Dolański family until the Second World War. During a war the object was destructed and between 1959-69 it was  rebuilt and restored under the direction of Professor Alfred Majewski.

Since 1997 the owner of the Castle and the Park Complex in Baranów Sandomierski is the Industrial Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A.) located in Warsaw.