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Northern Ireland's castles

Northern Ireland, which is the smallest country of the United Kingdom, probably does not have as many buildings of historical interest as England, Scotland or Wales. The idyllic landscapes, unique nature and splendid design of old castles and mansions, all this was the reason why Northern Ireland enjoyed increasing popularity among tourists all over the world. The wonderful castles of Northern Ireland are wrapped in legends and fame of important battles, sometimes they fell into ruin because of fighting. However, quite a lot of castles have remained today, they are impressive and menacing as they were many centuries ago. Carrickfergus Castle, whose history dates back to the time of Norman invasions, is a great example of medieval fortification art. Enninskillen Castle is also scenic, its massive walls and round towers are reflected in the Erne River. The castle in Belfast is considered a real architectural gem of Northern Ireland's capital. It enraptures with its elegant appearance in the Scottish Baronial style.