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History of Nádasdy castle

The Nádasdy Castle was built during the 13th century. The area was part of the property of Charles I of Hungary, but later, during the upcoming centuries it had many different owners. There is no doubt that the golden age of the Castle began, when it became a property of the Nádasdy family. The family took ownership of the Castle after Tamás Nádasdy and Orsolya Kanizsai got married in 1535. They owned the area until 1670, when it was confiscated from the family due to involvement in a conspiracy. During the 16th century Ferenc III Nádasdy triumphed several times over Turkish troops with his valiant army and entered several times the area of the Ottoman Empire. The Castle was continuously broadening. The most famous spectacle of the Castle is the hall, that was built during the 17th century, when a great amount of money accumulated in the manor. The hall is listed as one of the most beautiful halls in Hungary. The walls around are decorated with frescos, presenting the battles against the Turks and several biblical scenes. The hall was built by Ferenc III Nádasdy. Although the Castle's golden age was during his time, the nobleman got involved in the Wesselényi-conspiracy, so the considerably huge property was taken away from him.

Originally the Castle was surrounded by moats, but during the 19th century the Castle lost its military significance, so the moats get filled up and the buildings were reconstructed in classicist style. The Castle had many different owners, and this led to a very positive consequence. The building was inhabited continuously, so it remained in a very good shape, one of the bests in Hungary.

The reconstruction of the Castle has started in 1966 and nowadays the Nádasdy Ferenc Museum hosts the visitors to introduce them the history of the Castle and the Nádasdy family. The area of the exhibitions is approximately 1300 m2, which contains salons, the famous hall, arts and crafts exhibitions, the history of the Hussars and Sárvár, and several other fascinating exhibitions.