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Greek Castles

The rich history of Greece is reflected in the unique architecture of castles and strongholds; without them, it would be difficult to imagine practically any seaside city. Over time the ancient Greek fortified acropolises were replaced by Byzantine strongholds; next, on their foundations resourceful Venetians built their citadels: Palamidi, Methoni, the Fortezza of Rethymno. A considerable contribution to the variety of Greek architectural forms was made by knights of several monastic orders. When Constantinople was captured, they established seats for their orders, real cities-strongholds with palaces of great masters and knight’s residential quarters on the islands of the Greek archipelago (including Crete, Rhodes). Although many Greek castles were mutilated and lost during the period of Ottoman rule, which lasted for many years, many of them survived and today they are an expression of the most important cultural part of Greek heritage.