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Edlingham Castle

Edlingham Castle is a fortified hall-house dating back to the laste 13th century, built upon an earlier timber hall surrounded by a moat. The tower itself is some 30 feet square, with diagonal buttresses on the corners of the tower, which gives it such an unusual look. Here the walls are some 6 feet thick, similar to the curtain wall to the court yard, which contained lavish apartments in addition to the main hall. The defences were later improved to include a barbican infront of the main gatehouse. The castle is set in sprawling hills with lovely views in all directions, and there is enough of the foundations to get a good understanding how the castle might have looked in its hey-day.

History of Edlingham Castle

1295 ~ William de Felton purchases the wodden hall-house from Walter Edlingham. William commences the rebuilding of the hall-house in stone.

1370's ~ The tower house is built as an addition to the existing stone hall house to improve its defences. A gatehouse and curtain wall are soon added to complete the improved defences.

1396 ~ Upon the death of John de Felton, grandson to William who had originally commenced the building from timber hall-house to castle, is finally completed. (more in the History section)

Text by Fred Vincent