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Allington Castle

Allington Castle takes its name from Celtic 'Elynton' - the ford of the Eyle, ancient name of the River Medway.

History of Allington Castle

270's ~ Romans build a village at a strategic crossing place beside the River Medway.

850's ~ Viking raiders attack and destroy the moated village of 'Ella's Tun'.

900's ~ Danish vikings return to Kent, sailing up the River Medway sacking Rochester all the way through to Allington.

1060's ~ The all powerful Godwin Earls own Allington, held by Wulfnorth, younger brother to Harold Godwinson. (more in the History section)

Castle today

The castle is strictly private with access by expressed permission by its owner Sir Robert Worcester. If you are fortunate to gain access to the castle and its grounds, you will discover the castle fully restored and in fantastic condition, thanks to the present and previous owners. A fabulous gem of a castle with a rich history. A must for any Castle-Finder if you get the chance.

Text by Fred Vincent