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Czech Republic Castles

Despite the tumultuous history of the state, Czech people managed to keep plenty of historical gems which have an important place in the treasure trove of west architecture. They attract millions of tourists, who did not stop admiring the beauty of Gothic cathedrals, majestic and inaccessible castles and strongholds, luxury Baroque and Rococo palaces, to the Czech Republic. The castles and strongholds in Prague and nearby are called, and rightly, masterpieces among castles: the former rivals – Visegrád and Prague Castle, Baroque Troja Palace that is famous for being the most beautiful summer residence in Prague, Gothic Karlstejn Castle which did not lose its majesty in any way despite the passing centuries, as well as sophisticated and elegant Konopiste Castle. Other beautiful Czech castles such as Lednice and Hluboká Castle at the Vltava River are also noteworthy. With their fanciful turrets, carved columns and charming arches, they actually look like princess palaces from fairy tales. The best preserved Renaissance Czech castles include Nelahozeves Castle where a big collection of medieval paintings is housed, as well Telc Castle called Moravian Venice because it is surrounded by water on three sides.