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Cyprus Castles

Cyprus, a wonderful island on whose shores, according to legend, goddess Aphrodite arose from the sea foam had been an object of desire for various conquerors of different nationalities for many centuries. The Greeks and Persians, the Byzantines and Teutonic knights, the Venetians and the Ottomans took it from each other through fighting, constructing strongholds, castles, fortified monasteries and abbeys on its lands. Slightly more than ten historic castles have survived until today, they are now museums attracting a great number of tourists who go there in search of some rest. The fort in Limassol, also called Richard’s Castle due to the fact that King Richard the Lionheart married his bride behind its walls, enjoys great popularity. The castle in Kyrenia, built in the port of Kyrenia (Girne), is considered to be one of the biggest and best preserved strongholds of Northern Cyprus, and the Saint Hilarion Castle, located within a short distance from Kyrenia and towering on a high rock became known as the most inaccessible stronghold. Paphos Castle, which over a long period of its existence had an opportunity to serve as a stronghold, a prison and a salt warehouse, provided safety for the port in Paphos.