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Bangladesh Forts

A unique and beautiful yet largely undiscovered area for tourists to explore is Bangladesh. Together with the Indian state of West Bengal, the history of Bengal dates back to the times before The Mahabharata. Ancient trade routes along the Ganges and Brahmaputra River made Bengal the cradle of one of the most flourishing ancient civilizations of the world. In the era of the Gauda Kingdom and the Pala Empire, and the days of the Bengal Sultanate, granite fort cities typical in northern India were first built in Bangladesh, examples of which are the ruins of city forts of Gauda, Murshidabad and Barisal. Excellent water forts of this era can be found in Dhumghat, Sonargao and Chittagong. Under the Mughals, more forts were built in this region, such as those in Lalbagh, Sonakanda, Hajiganj and Idrakpur, and forts in and around the modern city of Dacca. All these together provide visitors with a true historical treasure to be explored.