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History of Ernegg Castle

The history of the castle dates back to a thousand years, when in 979 Emperor Otton II the Red gave land in the valley of Erlauf River to bishop Wolfgang of Regensburg. Erected there, Ernegg Castle was later inherited by another rulers of the Diocese of Regensburg, who leased it sometimes to other noblemen under feudal land ownership laws. Unfortunately, few information on that period has survived. What is known is that by the end of the 14 century Albrecht IV von Hals was the castle's owner, he married a member of the House of Hohenzollern.

In 1524 this building was bought by a cup-bearer to Austrian Emperor Ferdinand I, Wolfgang von Edt, his crest can be found over the entrance to the tower. Pretty big changes in the tower's architecture are linked to his name. The tower was largely extended and converted then. Many decorative elements of that time have survived until today, including medieval murals over an arched matroneum in the inner courtyard, a Late Gothic spiral staircase or a richly decorated stone telescope over the entrance door. The date «1561» has remained on one of the stone columns, it commemorates the day of birth of Wolfgang's granddaughter, Judith von Edt. In 1656 the castle was bought from the Noidig family by Baron Siegmund Erasmus von Auersperg. The date found on the family crest embossed over the entrance to the building proves that. From that time until today it has been owned by members of the influential Auerspergs. Many important Austrian leaders and politicians came from this family. In 1836 a fire broke out in the castle, it damaged the roofs but not the ancient stone walls. Later, the building was reconstructed by Josef Auersperg.

Today both Ernegg Castle and the entire estate are taken care by Hilda Auersperg and her daughter Georgina Auersperg Newall, who turned their family estate in one of the most charming castles-hotels in this area. A stay in the building, with elegant rooms decorated with family antiques and portraits of ancestors, gives its guests an opportunity to move back to the past and feel the traditional lifestyle of Austrian noblemen of past centuries.