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Ernegg Castle

Ernegg Castle, a wonderful building belonging to the Austrian noble Auerspergs for many centuries, is located on a hill in the Alpine foreland in the central part of Austria. A short distance from Vienna and Linz, wonderful views over the picturesque Waldviertel plain, romantic charm of an ancient stronghold turned into a cosy hotel, all this makes that Ernegg enjoys great popularity among those who want to feel the atmosphere of the centuries that are long gone or simply want to take a rest in a perfect place among the woods of Lower Austria.


The history of the castle dates back to a thousand years, when in 979 Emperor Otton II the Red gave land in the valley of Erlauf River to bishop Wolfgang of Regensburg. Erected there, Ernegg Castle was later inherited by another rulers of the Diocese of Regensburg, who leased it sometimes to other noblemen under feudal land ownership laws. Unfortunately, few information on that period has survived. What is known is that by the end of the 14 century Albrecht IV von Hals was the castle's owner, he married a member of the House of Hohenzollern. (more)

What can you see there?

The current castle's appearance has not practically changed compared to the form it had in the 16th century. Then it had the shape of a trapezium, a big inner courtyard with arched galleries, a tower in the middle and a bell tower crowned with a spire. On the external side of the bell tower you can still see stone elements of the wall that has remained here since the 17th century. To the west of the stronghold is a landscape park from the 19th century. An avenue of pines leads to the park. There you can see a memorial obelisk raised to commemorate Count Josef Auersperg who died in the Battle of Austerlitz.

An unquestionable attraction in the castle is ancient St Bartholomew Chapel, thoroughly renovated in 2002. It enjoys great popularity among newly-weds celebrating their wedding in a romantic atmosphere. In 1675 it was consecrated in the time of Rudolph Siegmund von Auersperg and his wife Johanna Elisabeth, but notes about the building crowned with a dome appear in chronicles in 1330. By the end of the 19th century Count Gottfried von Auersperg rebuilt the historical chapel, where during the World War II art gems were hidden, taken then from The Albertina, a Vienna gallery.

Ernegg Hotel-Castle accepts guests in summer and provides 20 rooms. There are spacious rooms with ancient furniture on three floors. A gallery of the beautiful inner courtyard leads to them. The castle also has two elegant sitting rooms, a bar, a dining room, the Knight Room, and a wonderful terrace with chaise longues for those who love spending their time outside so that guests could thoroughly enjoy their holiday.

The hotel-castle borders a golf club under the same name. It offers discounts for guests staying in the hotel. Those who like active holiday will definitely enjoy walking or cycling across the castle’s picturesque surroundings. You can also spend your free time going fishing, playing tennis, swimming or taking horse riding lessons.